white people: mike brown robbed that store!

Lawyer: no he didn’t

Store owners: nope

Eye witnesses: nah

white people:


people who are paying attention: hey hey did you know that robbing a store is not actually grounds for an extrajudicial execution anyway

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I see a cop, I don’t feel secure. And it shouldn’t feel that way. I am not a criminal. I am just your normal citizen working a nine to five, yet I still feel like I am doing something illegal whenever I take a walk around the block and see a cop car drive by. Cops don’t make me feel secure. I’m more terrified of a cop than I am of a “black thug” these white folk keep talking about. And you know what? Yeah, I’ve had a few encounters with black dudes where it could have gotten real bad (a gun pulled out, fights, harassment) but never once did I ever think “All blacks are the same, fucking savages, etc”. Just as how I don’t think “All whites fuck their dogs and shoot up movie theaters and elementary schools and probably smell like mayonnaise” because I saw a video on Tumblr or whatever the fuck. Same with the “Arab terrorist” stereotype. Yeah, the World has been shit since forever and sadly I do not see it getting any better.